The 2018 submission instructions were as follows.

In order for your submission to be eligible for the IoThon main prize, make sure that all the points below must be fulfilled.

  1. 0. Vote for the most collaborative person.


  2. 1. Submit your work to DevPost by 3:59pm today (Friday):

    Note that you have to register an account, so this takes some time. You can also update your submission all the time until the deadline. So better to start early. We recommend that you start with a Github repository, since DevPost can read the basic info from Github.

  3. 2. Give a 2 minute pitch, followed by questions, at the piching session starting at 4:10pm

    For example, you can apply the advice from here. But you can do it in any way you deem best.

    Please do indicate which challenge(s) you are addressing, if any.

  4. 3. Demo your work to the challenge arranger and the main prize judges after the pitching

    Here we don't have much advice. You can arrange you demo in any way you want.