Smart buildings

In 2018, there was a pre-made smart building demonstrator as a baseline for your idea.

The Ell-i open source co-operative, together with AUEB and Aalto, have produced a luggage-sized smart building, with three floors and six apartments.  The bulding will be available for smart building demonstrators by the participants.  Assume more information here shortly.

The default IoT system consists of the following hardware and software.

STM32 Nucleo F401 controllers

  • Running an RIOT-OS application, available in an Ell-i Github repo
  • Powered with a Power over Ethernet shield
  • Connected with PoE Ethernet to Cisco Catalyst PoE switch
  • By default communicates with the whole building controller with CoAP

A number of LEDs, sensors, and heating and cooling elements

  • Each actuator can be separately controlled with an individual CoAP URL
  • Sensors can be read with individual CoAP URLs, also supporting CoAP observe

Cisco Catalyst PoE Switch

  • By default configured to run each of the three floors as a separate virtual LAN

Intel NUC7i5

  • Ubuntu Linux operating system
  • Runs a Node RED based control configuration
    • May be configured to provide external HTTP APIs
  • Controls the whole building

More documentation about the smart buildings demonstrator will be available here shortly.

Smart Building Demo — Front side Smart Building Demo — Back side