Hardware 2019

These hardwares/software platforms would be available at the Hackathon. Further, there are some links intended for information/support during IoThon.

Available with Nokia:

Sensors which work with Raspberry Pi: 

  • Air quality (temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and VOC gas)- BME680
  • Temperature and pressure: BMP180
  • Motion, passive infra-red (PIR): HC-SR501
  • Temperature and humidity: Si7021
  • Luminosity: TSL2561
  • Camera, both normal and NoIR available: Camera Module V2
  • Servo motors
  • Team can also simulate sensory data (vehicles, humans, ..).
  • Magnetic valves
  • Teams can also use their own mobile devices as sensors.

Available with Telia:

  • 360 Camera starter pack by Finwe Oyj
  • Oculus VR glasses plus Hololens (version 1)
  • SIM Cards for LTE-M networks

Additional items (Connectors, sensors and hardware) for use:

The links includes hardware description, features and related documents.