IoThon has a hackathon-wide main hacking grand prize and a few challenges with challenge-specific prizes.

The 2019 challenges will be announced on the day of the Hackathon. The challenge domains are as follows: 

  • Nokia: 5G IoT light poles for Smart City
  • Siemens: Digital Twins (Industrial IoT)
  • Telia: AR/VR
  • Ericsson: Futuristic Aalto Campus
  • RIOT OS: Semantics for IoT

 What it means on working with different challenges?

  • Use hardware provided to create applications/complete tasks.
  • The hardware would be either provided by the university or a partner company.
  • Hardware can be used by turns or simply capture the data from those devices.
  • Use platforms (laptop/virtual machines/cloud) to execute decisions based on the data collected.
  • Use ideas to represent real conditions
  • Prototype Business/Design ideas