For 2018, there were STM Nucleos, Power-over-Ethernet, and more, to play with and to take back home.

At IoThon, we provide all of the participants with both personal hardware to take back home and basically all the equipment that you need for building IoT demos on-site.

Each participant will have the following personal hardware, to take back home:

Compared to many other IoT events that focus on wireless, we focus also on wired installations, to promote security and reliability. While wireless installations are nice and cool for early adaption and demonstrations, having tens of independent wireless networks running in the same space is bound to reduce the radio throughput. We firmly believe that in the long run any IoT installations that are meant to work for tens of years need to be — at least partially — based on wireline, if for nothing else for power. Furthermore, to us it appears wise to save in cabling costs, and use forward looking technologies, such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Power over Data Lines (PoDL).

If you are new to wired IoT and/or don't know much about PoE or PoDL, consider attending the Thursday afternoon tutorial T3: Deploying IoT in the real world.